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The new generation of hand sanitisers 

The growing awareness regarding hygiene and cleanliness practices has enhanced the demand for skin sanitisation across the globe. However, the use of skin disinfectants deprives the skin from sebum and water, causing dryness and increasing the risk of germs on the skin.

IMCD has developed a hand sanitising gel based on nutraceutical actives to enhance regeneration and healing, whilst using the benefits of a pharmaceutical excipients.

Concept Highlights
  • 75% EtOH to ensure excellent antimicrobial and virusidal effects.
  • 8% Propolsave allowing for anti-inflammatory and virusidal effects without a negative impact on the skin.
  • Propolsave contains M.E.D propolis and Opunxia extract which are responsible for the anti-inflammatory efficiency via mucoadhesive delivery.