Benefit from the power of nature with Givaudan Active Beauty portfolio.

IMCD helps you to sustainably enhance the performance of your formula by combining our technical expertise and Givaudan actives that fuses science and nature for powerful performance.

Innovate sustainably with biotechnology crafted actives

Because our planet has a lot to offer, Givaudan’s quest for tomorrow's actives begins with the fusion of science and nature: its large portfolio of powerful, innovative and cleaner ingredients is the result of its advanced technologies and willingness to make your next products stand out.

Making a positive impact through sustainable resources and technologies.

In order to capture responsibly the best properties that can be found in nature, Givaudan is crafting its active ingredients with multiple innovative biotechnologies which consist in cultivating plant and ocean treasures (Green and Blue biotechnologies) or using biomimetic mechanisms (Green fractionation) and microorganisms (White biotechnology and Skin microbiome) to produce or activate high performing actives while making a positive impact. But what is a positive impact? Download the Trends commentary to find out now.

A selection of the latest launches and top selling ingredients

Green biotechnology

Redensyl™ is an anti-hair loss active and hair growth galvaniser from plant extracts that can also be used for eyelashes and eyebrows.


Darkenyl™ is an active fighting against white hairs by stimulating stem cells in order to decrease white hairs density and increase melanin production in greying hair follicles.

Blue biotechnology

Sensityl™ is a natural extract of a microalgae that offers soothing and calming actions to the skin by controling inflammation and rebalancing sensitive skin microbiome.

White biotechnology

Vegetan™ is a self-tanning agent contaning a fermentation-based DHA, enabling to get fast, long-lasting and water-resistant tan with various shades from light to dark.

Masknyl™ is a skin perfector composed of sugar derivatives for mask related issues (irritation, pimples, increased sensitivity), using skin microbiome activation and delivering antioxidant and soothing properties.

Green fractionation

Chronoglow™ is an anti-ageing active with a strong antioxidant activity, using on the skin the same defence mechanism used in the resurrection plant from which it is extracted.

Zanthalene® is a neurotransmission inhibitor contaning a Sichuan pepper extract that enables to soothe the skin and generate a « botox-like » effect by inducing muscular relaxation.

Omegablue® is an upcycled active from bilberry seeds that improves hydration and skin barrier functionality thanks to its sebum-like fatty acids.

Skin microbiome

Brightenyl® is a skin tone modulator molecule that corrects pigmentation disorders, whiten the skin and prevents inflammation when activated by the skin microbiome.

Synchronight™ contains a fruit extracted molecule which, when activated by the skin microbiome, defends the skin against digital stress and prevents from premature skin ageing.

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Get inspiration from innovative concepts designed by IMCD technical experts

The Beauty Box : Self-Tan Edition


A box of 10 products including pre and post-tanning treatments, and self-tanning formulas featuring Vegetan™

Transparent tanning water

A >98% naturally derived sprayable tanning water, allowing to cover large body areas and providing a light to medium homogeneous self-tan.

Cost effective tanning mousse

A >99% naturally derived tanning mousse, with a light and easily spreadable texture, providing a medium to dark homogeneous self-tan.

The Wellness Kit


A box of 6 products taking care of you and covering each step of your daily beauty routine.

Sleep Mask

A >97% naturally derived creamy sleep mask, containing Synchronight™ to enhance skin quality during sleep and to fight the effects of digital stress and artificial blue light.


AHA, BHA, PHA toner

A >94% naturally derived toner featuring Neosalyl™, a 100% natural salicylic acid that contributes to skin renewal.

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