Cologne Technical Centre, Germany

Located in Cologne, this Pharma Technical Centre serves as a Learning and Development Laboratory for the EMEA region.

Opened in 2013, our Pharmaceutical Technical Centre in Cologne has developed from a training hub into a global centre of education, formulation and concept development. This centre is equipped for both OSDF manufacturing and testing, as well as topical formulation development which allows us to help both customers and suppliers in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry in various dosage forms. We are committed to the continuous education of both our people and our customers and by combining our experience, passion for innovation and knowledge we can help you achieve your formulation goals.

Areas of Expertise

At our Cologne Technical Centre we provide industry knowledge with the relevant equipment to support your formulation and concept development.

Core Competencies

  • Functional and Aesthetic coatings
  • Nutraceuticals formulation
  • OSDF troubleshooting
  • Taste masking 
  • Training  

At IMCD we aim to inspire both suppliers and customers to develop innovative solutions and formulations. Our concepts are created by carefully analysing global market trends and customer needs. The Cologne Technical Centre works on a range of concepts including IR tablets, sachets, ODTs, chewable and succable tablets, pouches, gummies, gels, creams and sprays.

Our main area of ongoing development has been in taste masking and the flavouring of paediatric dosage forms and standard ODTs. Another growing area of interest has been coatings on tablets, capsules, powders and pellets. Our coatings solutions are aqueous-based, functional or aesthetic, and always aimed at the newest trends like Ti02 free or flavoured coatings.

Our Team

Our team of scientists and technical sales specialists support throughout the product development cycle, to ensure you get your ideas to market quickly and robustly.

Team Members

Roza Markovski - Pharmaceutical Scientist
Joining IMCD in November 2021, Roza is an experienced formulator that has spend more than two decades in the generic research and development area. Her focus areas are formulation development and optimisation of both solid and semi-solid dosage forms with experience in scale up processes and technology transfer, process validation and CTD dossier submission. As a bench formulator with generic manufacturers she also has experience in DOE using MODDE tool for experiments planning.

Christian Mastellotto - Laboratory Technician
Since joining IMCD in 2016, Christian has worked as our laboratory technician and assistant. He is a trained chemical technician with a wide range of experience from various positions in QC laboratories prior. His main areas of interest include coatings, tabletting and taste masking in various types of oral solid dosage forms.

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