Excipients & Formulation

We support the pharmaceutical, OTC and nutraceutical industries by sourcing the best excipients from the world’s leading manufacturers and working together to ensure market, production and quality expectations are met. Our commitment to innovation through formulation is at the heart of what we do.

Discover our Application Formats

Oral Solid

IMCD offers a complete range of excipients for solid dose formulations, including directly compressible binders, granulation binders, co-processed high-functionality binders, diluents for tablets and capsules, disintegrants, lubricants, antiadherents, glidants, colouring agents and flavours.


Our topical excipient offering covers both safe and efficient topical medicines and cosmetically acceptable formulations, to increase patient compliance and adherence to the treatment. IMCD provide a wide variety of pharmacopeial excipients and active ingredients, as well as the technical expertise necessary to improve the skin feels of formulations.

Oral Liquid

Suspensions are a crucial dosage form when looking to meet specific needs, such as the delivery of a drug with poor solubility or a medicine for specific groups of patients like children. IMCD offers a range of excipients can be used to help formulate suspensions – syrup or dry – as well as reconstitutable suspensions.


Through our work with several renowned DPI generic developers and leading excipient providers, IMCD has become a valuable partner in this challenging industry segment. Our portfolio combines key elements of every DPI formula. We offer both actives and carriers, with customised particle sizes, shaped to suit your inhalation device and targeted deposition.

At IMCD, we work with you to meet your technical requirements, as you develop your capabilities and product pipeline.

The added value offered through the specialist skills of our people includes in-depth knowledge of specific challenges such as controlled release and bioavailability enhancement, alongside reverse engineering to de-cipher formulations and feasibility studies to help choose the best process.
We also support with concept development for pharmaceutical and also nutraceutical formulations based on regulatory and market trends, where we devise packaged solutions for health categories including immunity, cognitive, wellbeing, bone health and more.
At our Technical Centres and driven by our regional technical product managers, we offer customers the opportunity to trial excipients and formulations before committing to making investments at their own or a partner’s facility. We also run regular seminars and webinars on topics our customers want or need to explore.

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