Dexpanthenol Nasal Spray

Looking for a mucoadhesive nasal spray?


Mucoadhesion is the key for many dosage forms like nasal sprays, vaginal gels and buccal and throat lozenges. Nasal sprays, with their localised application and potential systematic activity are increasing in use, but it is the retention time of the product on the target area that determines the efficacy of the therapy. Mucoadhesive polymers have proved to be the key for increased efficacy and ultimately, patient adherence.

Concept Highlights
  • Synergistic components.
  • Polycarbophil is the golden standard for mucoadhesion.
  • Carrageenans are synergistic ingredients for improved mucoadhesion.
  • Demonstrates the link between sprayability, viscosity and mucoadhesion.
  • Viscosity does not always go hand-in-hand with mucoadhesion, but its more relevant to the choice of mucoadhesive ingredient.