Throat Lozenge

Looking for a mucoadhesive lozenge?


Mucoadhesion is the key for many dosage forms like nasal sprays, vaginal gels, and buccal and throat lozenges. Lozenges are a trendy patient-friendly dosage form that is on the rise, with mucoadhesive polymers playing an important role in ensuring patient compliance and further adherence.

Concept Highlights
  • Excellent swelling capacity with very low stickiness through the use of carbomer homopolymer type A and low viscosity alginate.
  • Swelling starts almost immediately after administration.
  • HA binds more easily to damaged throat mucosa and has a prolonged effect.
  • Ideal hardness with very low friability.
  • Low compression forces and even lower ejection forces.
  • Bicarbonate works as an alternative disintegrant. It is slowly released simultaneously with the citric acid and age-group appropriate flavour.
  • Proven mucoadhesion.