New Jersey Technical Centre, USA

Located in Rochelle Park (NJ), this Pharma Technical Centre is situated perfectly as a Formulation and Learning Centre for the North east Americas region.

Opened in 2019, our New Jersey Pharmaceutical Technical Centre is equipped for oral solid dosage form, liquid/suspension and topical dosage form development. This centre is deeply involved in numerous nutraceutical and topical projects, with a focus on modern patient-friendly dosage formats. It also provides a range of both hands-on training sessions and virtual lab events where our experts utilise their skills and teaching experience to bring this centre to life. We are dedicated to supporting customers and principal partners by leveraging ingredient synergies for best-in-class prototype concept development. The PTC is equipped to assist customers with formulation and process development using a variety of dosage form platforms for active delivery providing patient-centric solutions.

Areas of Expertise

At our New Jersey Technical Centre, we provide industry knowledge with the relevant equipment to support your formulation and concept development.

Core Competencies

  • Nutraceuticals formulation
  • Semi-solid and topical expertise
  • OSDF troubleshooting
  • Training
  • Functional and aesthetic coatings
  • Ingredient screening/selection testing
  • Focus on sustainable solutions

Major Equipment

  • Instrumented rotary tablet press (B tooling) 
  • Pan coater (perforated drums) 
  • Bench top fluid bed granulator 
  • Brookfield viscometer 
  • Dissolution apparatus 
  • High shear granulator 
  • High-shear liquid mixer 
  • Particle size analysis 
  • Powder blending/moisture analysis/flow testing 
  • Homogenizer

Dosage Form Possiblilites

  • OSDF 
  • ODDF 
  • Semi-solid  
  • Liquid dosage  
At IMCD we create our concepts by carefully analysing global market trends and translating them to meet customer needs. The New Jersey Technical Centre works on a range of concepts including IR tablets, sachets, ODTs, chewable tablets, lozenges, pouches, gummies, gels, creams and sprays.
Our main area of ongoing development is focused on nutraceutical concepts where we try to transform current trends into modern, patient-friendly dosage forms such as ODTs, gummies and chewable tablets. Another growing area of interest is semi-solid and topical developments, which have seen a rise not only within the paediatrics but also within senior age groups.

Our Team

Our team of scientists and technical sales specialists support throughout the product development cycle, to ensure you get your ideas to market quickly and robustly.

Team Members

Joseph Zeleznik - Technical Director (North America)

As Technical Director, Joseph is responsible for conducting training, customer seminars, and advising on formulation and process development.  Joseph is actively involved in the industry and currently serves as IPEC-Americas Chair-elect. In his thirty-year experience, he has held positions as a Manager in Technical and Regulatory Affairs, Associate Director in Research and Development, and Research Manager with various notable excipient manufacturers. His speciality lies in developing HFEs and other novel excipients, as well as their applications in various dosage forms. 

Kristina Kannheiser - Technical Product Manager

Kristina possesses more than ten years of formulation experience, specialising in transitioning products from theoretical concepts to commercial launch. She is passionate about assisting customers with formulation troubleshooting, from the laboratory bench to full-scale production and every stage in between. Her research and training interests include increasing patient compliance as well as API efficacy - examining product rheology, skin penetration technology and sensory. She holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry as well as a Master of Science in cosmetic science and is currently studying for a Ph.D. in chemistry. 

Md. Bodruddoza Rafique - Technical Product Manager

For the last decade in his professional career, Rafique has been working on the formulation and process development of a wide range of applications including tablets, capsules, oral solutions, suspensions, nasal sprays, ophthalmic and semi-solid dosage forms. His expertise in the pharmaceutical industry includes formulation and process development using the Quality by Design approach. Rafique completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a Master of Pharmacy in clinical pharmacy and pharmacology, plus a Master of Science in industrial pharmacy.

Calvin Chang - Senior Scientist 

With nearly ten years of industry experience in pharmaceutical research and development, Calvin has worked on a range of dosage applications, primarily focused on oral solid dosage forms. His formulation background stretches from initial feasibility testing and development, to exhibit batch scale-up and supporting abbreviated new drug applications, using the Quality by Design approach. He is passionate about problem-solving, in both his professional and personal life, and enjoys troubleshooting formulation and processing issues. He has a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Minnesota. 

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