Loratadine ODT

Looking for a sustainable and patient-friendly ODT?

Loratadine, a BCS class II API has challenges when it comes to solubilisation. Conventionally, one would use surfactants like Tween 20 and SLS in a wet granulation process to improve solubility. IMCD successfully applied a hot melt process using environmentally safe solubilisers following a simple DC tableting process. Additionally, DC is a process that utilises less energy, takes a shorter time, and is generally a more sustainable process.

Concept Highlights
  • This concept uses a process like hot melt granulation which enhances solubility.
  • The subsecutive direct compression is fast, reliable and time efficient too
  • This concept demonstrates the solubility enhancement potential of a multifunctional non-ionic lipidic surfactant.
  • The choice of a diluent such as the particle-engineered lactose, governs the disintegration time in an ODT containing a lipidic surfactant in the present study.