Diosmin Tablets

With a sustainable approach

Exploring sustainable options can bring positive outcomes for the pharmaceutical industry. Several strategies such as modification of existing manufacturing processes, use of greener excipients, and better in silico and in vitro testing and predictive models can help to achieve various sustainability goals. Here, we have successfully replaced a multi-stage granulation process with simplified methods like moisture-activated dry granulation (MADG) and slugging.

Concept Highlights 
  • Diosmin tablets with 500 mg (daily dose) and 250 mg (twice a day).
  • Highlights four most often used actives and combinations.  
  • Successfully employs both micronized and non-micronized active grades. 
  • Uses quicker, easier, and more efficient manufacturing processes.  
  • MADG is a very good alternative to HSG (high shear granulation) when using non-micronized diosmin, hesperidin, and diosmin flavonoid fraction.  
  • Slugging is an excellent alternative for HSG when using micronized diosmin.  
  • Formulations come in coated (solvent-free) and non-coated versions.