We deliver studied and fully traceable ingredients, and assist our customers with innovative marketing concepts so that consumers can supplement their health with complete peace of mind.

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We create category specific product concepts, based on relevant science and compliant with local regulations. This approach enables you to swiftly launch new and differentiated products that address consumer needs.
Our solution-driven portfolio combines speciality Active Nutraceutical Ingredients (ANI) and excipients to deliver synergies in both concept and finished dosage form development.

The health categories we cover include:

  • Beauty from Within
  • Blood Sugar 
  • Bone Health 
  • Brain Health 
  • Children's Health 
  • Digestion, Gut & Liver Health 
  • Energy & Alertness
  • Eye Health
  • Fertility Health 
  • General Health & Wellbeing 
  • Healthy Ageing 
  • Heart Health 
  • Immune & Respiratory 
  • Joint & Inflammation
  • Men's Health 
  • Sports 
  • Stress & Sleep 
  • Urinary Health 
  • Vein Health 
  • Weight Management 
  • Women's Health

In a competitive market, consumer appeal is crucial. At IMCD, we support customers in innovating to achieve clean-label positionings.

Our nutraceutical ingredient and formulation experts work together to develop effective products that meet current health and wellbeing needs and are aligned to trending health categories.
Our science-based approach to natural extracts enables us to respond to market demands and the dynamic regulatory environment – without compromising on safety and efficacy.

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